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We Want to Help Our Local City And The Amazing People Of Jacksonville

We at Smokebucks have the largest collection of premium e-juice in Jacksonville, we stand by every bottle of juice we sell and every brand we carry.

We promise to provide a diverse selection of high quality products and the best deals in Jacksonville!

We're always first to receive the newest products on the market - and always provide the best prices in town!

Passby one of our locations and discover why we are #1 in North Florida!

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  • 10 Years in Business

  • Locally Owned & Operated

  • Discounts Available

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Certified Professionals

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Smokebucks, the leading provider of premium e-juice in Jacksonville, has celebrated its 6th year in business! We take pride in our extensive collection of e-juice and stand behind every bottle we sell, ensuring that our customers always receive the highest quality products.

About Us

Smokebucks is proud to be a locally-owned and operated business. From the very beginning, we have been dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality products and service. As a community, we work together to ensure that every aspect of our business meets our high standards, from selecting the best e-juice brands to offering the latest devices on the market.

Our local values extend to our customers, who we consider to be a part of our extended family. We take the time to get to know our customers, to understand their needs and preferences, and to offer personalized recommendations.

About Us

At Smokebucks, we're always looking for ways to make our customers' experiences more enjoyable and rewarding. That's why we're excited to offer TapMango, a loyalty and rewards program that makes it easy for our customers to earn discounts and perks every time they shop with us.

With TapMango, our customers can sign up for free and start earning points immediately by making purchases, referring friends, and more. As they accumulate points, they can redeem them for discounts on their purchases, exclusive offers, and other rewards.

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At Smokebucks, we stand behind every product we sell and every service we provide. That's why we offer a satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase or the service you received, simply let us know and we'll do everything we can to make it right.

At Smokebucks, we take pride in our team of certified professionals who are passionate about the industry and committed to providing exceptional customer service. We understand that choosing the right e-juice and device can be overwhelming, especially with so many options available on the market. That's why our certified professionals are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and to guide you through the process.

New Arrivals


Harry from Smokebucks gives great customer service. He always hooks you up with the best juice and disposable nic sticks. SmokeBucks is the best chain in Jax and i would recommend it over every other vape shop. They have a wide array of flavors in stock at all times, so if you stick to a few products or flavors they nearly always have it in stock.

Marina S.

I have always been disappointed with the smoke shops around Jacksonville. People are either miserable at their job or just unprofessional. One other thing that's common with other businesses is the fact that they open and close as they please not as advertised! I recently discovered Smokebucks and have been to their locations Atleast 4 times and I'm very happy with the professionalism, knowledge, customer service, selection and of course their prices. George was by the far the best guy I've dealt with in this industry. Very patient! And very nice. I don't see myself ever stepping foot into any other smoke establishment. Even thought there are at least 30-50 smoke ships between where I live and this store I will always come out here and drive that extra 20 mins! Worth it! Def Check then out and see it for yourself

Lucky F.

Really nice and open shop. The staff was also very wonderful. George was able to recommend a pod systems that fits my needs to quit smoking, instead of getting a traditional vape. I had been down that road before, and it just didn't work for me. It just didn't feel the same. But, like I said, he was great. Now I have a delicious glazed donut salt Nic and one called Strizzy that's both fruity and minty. They had a wide selection of devices and juices. Will definitely be coming back.

Megan C.

Great costumer service have great quality products i come here all the time and have never been disappointed!

Aurora D.

Good people , the staff is always very welcoming. The store is well organized and clean , they give a local feeling to the whole store which is not seen to much nowadays.

Triston R.


What is the age requirements for your store?

18+ to enter, Florida law requires customers to be 21+ for nicotine/tobacco and hemp-derived products, including CBD & THC.

Do you take Apple Pay / Google Pay / etc.


Are all Smokebucks connected or related to the other Smokebucks stores?

Yes, we are all the same company.

Does the reward system work at all Smokebucks locations?

Yes, all of the Smokebucks locations’ reward systems are interconnected as well.

What are your store hours?

They vary by location, here is a link to each store’s hours of operation: {insert link here - pending}

Do you have a return policy?

No, but we understand mistakes happen and manufacturers aren’t perfect, if there is a discrepancy or malfunction from a brand new product out of the box, we will do what we can to make it right.

Do we sell cigarettes?

No, we have vapes, cigarillos, and cigars, but no cigarettes.

Can we price match anywhere?

Not local stores, but we try to match official manufacturer deals and discounts to give everyone the best prices available.

Do we give military discounts?

We do give military discounts on products that aren’t already on sale. We do not stack any discounts on anything.

Can you ship products to my house?

Not at this time, that is something we’re looking into.

If I have a rewards system account, do I need my ID for age-restricted products?

YES. The rewards system account does NOT constitute as a legal form of identification.

If I have two rewards system accounts can I combine them?

Yes, however you will have to come into one of our stores to do so.

How can I check my rewards system without coming in?

You can download TapMango on your phone, log in to your account, and see how many points and what rewards you are eligible for.

Can I bring my child or pet into the store?

Yes as long as they are well-behaved and monitored. We have a lot of fragile items around the store that cannot be hit with toys, collars, etc.

What is Kratom?

Kratom, or mitragyna species, is a plant in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia, where it has been used in herbal medicine for centuries. For more info click here.